New Transformations in The Upcoming Binding of Isaac: Rebirth DLC – Afterbirth

If you are uninitiated into the genius that is the cult indie game The Binding of Isaac, then here is a very brief history. The original game, created by Edmund McMillan (also responsible for other classics like Super Meat Boy), was called The Binding of Isaac. This was a roguelike with some very weird stuff in it, along with a unique, kinda cute design style that did a pretty good job of making you forget you were playing something pretty messed up. It had lots of items that all had powerful effects on the gameplay, and a whole host of bosses and special rooms and all that good stuff.

The game was a surprise hit, and so the original team set about giving it even more levels, items, monsters and playable characters with an expansion called Wrath of the Lamb. This made the game even more awesome.

Then, last year, it was announced that The Binding of Isaac was to be remade, no longer in Flash format. The new incarnation, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, featured all of the stuff from the original game and Wrath of the Lamb, plus a whole raft of new items, abilities, playable characters, bosses, challenges and levels. This, as you might expect, increased yet further the overall awesomeness.


Now, if you want to play this game you have just read three paragraphs about, you can get The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for the PC, PS4, Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita right now (the original game and Wrath of the Lamb are only available on PC, but you can get them very cheaply on Steam), and this is a very good idea because you will want to be quite good at it (which trust me, takes some time), before the launch of the upcoming expansion for Rebirth, which is going to be called Afterbirth, and will be available… Well, sometime soon.


So, for those of you who already knew all of this, and those who are now up to speed, what can we expect from Afterbirth? Well, you can find some great previews and snippets of game footage on the official Binding of Isaac blog, and if you’re already a fan, chances are you’ve been checking these out since the DLC was first announced. One of the most interesting I’ve spotted, however, is that there are going to be EIGHT new transformations on top of the existing ‘Guppy’ (where you turn into a highly overpowered flying cat that spawns attack flies) and ‘Lord of the Flies’ possibilities.

Guppy has always been one of the most sought after situations in the game, because let’s face it, most of us love those runs when you get to be hugely powerful to the point where beating even Mega Satan is a cakewalk, and Guppy, combined with a good set of tears, gives you those happy experiences. But what might some of the new transformations do for the game?

Both Guppy and Lord of the Flies are conditional on getting three items in your run that relate to the transformation (i.e. three Guppy related items, or three fly related items). With the existing items in Rebirth, there are a few other logical sets that could form the basis of a transformation, the obvious ones being spider items, and Mom items. In fact, the one transformation that has already been to some degree confirmed is the Mom one, though we don’t yet know what exactly it will do (though you can bet the powerful ‘Mom’s Knife’ is going to be involved!).

Knowing the team behind Isaac and the input of McMillan, we can expect there to be all kinds of surprises among the eight touted new transformations, but aside from Mom, and our theory that there will be something spider based, what do you think we will be transforming into in Afterbirth?

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