LEGO Dimensions Doctor Who Stuff Revealed

LEGO games are already like some kind of unholy cocktail of catnip, crack and Sour Cream Pringles when it comes to luring us in and keeping us hooked. With just about every franchise we love already covered, the next LEGO game, LEGO Dimensions, is set to be the most ambitious attempt to appeal to our pop culture craving nerdy sides yet. Featuring scenarios like ‘The TARDIS in Gotham’ and ‘Homer Simpson and The Doctor have a fight in Aperture Science out of Portal’, they just need to throw in Ryuk from Death Note somewhere and it would all seem like the kind of thing that happens in one of my more coherent lucid dreams after I’ve had a particularly disgusting weekend of binge watching.

You can see some of the awesome preview footage, which was unveiled at Comic Con 2015, here:

Peter Capaldi will be voicing the 12th Doctor, along with Gemma Coleman doing the voice of Clara and some other actress doing someone called Missy (OK, I admit I kind of stopped watching it quite some time ago). You are also, thanks to a pretty cool feature where if the Doctor dies, he regenerates as the 1st Doctor and then each of the other 11 in sequence, able to play as the 10th Doctor (AKA The One Everyone Liked), but only the 12th is voiced for practical reasons.

Doctor Who will have a level in the base game, but you will also be able to expand LEGO Dimensions with the things that interest you most, and if you are a Whovian (I really hate using that word), you’ll have a full Doctor Who kit to add on, which’ll give you loads of Doctor themed stuff including playable Cybermen and Daleks.

All of whom will, for reasons you’ll have to just go with, be hanging out with Gandalf, Batman and Wyldstyle from that Orwellian nightmare that was the LEGO Movie.


Photo by Pellaeon

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