Why Transformers: Devastation Is Going To Be An Important Game

There had been speculation for some time around whether Platinum Games were working on a Transformers fighting game, and, now those rumors have turned to solid anticipation, with the release of this gameplay trailer premiered at E3:

Now, as long as Michael Bay isn’t involved, there are few things that soothe the soul quite like massive transforming cartoon robots beating the granny out of each other, so really they’d have to try pretty hard to stop us being on board with this game from the start. However, cool and fun as it looks, the art style chosen for the game could potentially make it one of the most important games to be announced of late.

Why? Well, by shunning realism they avoided making it look like the Michael Bay movies, and this is already a good thing, but with this unique cell shaded style what Platinum Games have actually managed to do is make the game we all wished we could have played when we were kids. Remember your disappointment when the video game based on any cartoon or comic you loved didn’t actually look like a cartoon? You didn’t want the robots to look real or The Simpsons to be 3D. You wanted an interactive cartoon you could control and be inside of, and that just wasn’t possible.

Now, it clearly is, and where edgier cell shading styles (such as those used in the Borderlands series) have attracted a lot of admiration, this cartoon purist art style manages to appeal both to your nostalgic side, and impress you with what are actually very innovative looks.

This game has the potential to redirect how cartoon and comic franchises are represented in future game adaptations, so the reception for its art style is going to be closely watched.

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