Attack On Titan Movie Trailer Reaction

While fans of the Attack On Titan manga and anime are still waiting for a release date for Attack On Titan season 2, what we do have a date for is the release of the live action movie. This Japanese movie adaptation of the overwhelmingly popular series has been in the works for some time now, with cast photos released at the beginning of the year and now, a version of the trailer with English subtitles available.

You can watch the Attack On Titan trailer with English subs here:

With the movie set for release in Japan on 19th September, we can be certain it won’t be long before English subbed versions will be available, and, given the popularity of the Attack On Titan anime in the West, a dubbed version will almost certainly be released at some point for those who like that sort of thing.

What Do We Make Of The Attack On Titan Live Action Movie Trailer?

Live action versions of anime and manga can be a hit and miss thing, and even big budget movies can often disappoint fans of a given franchise (while Nickleodeons’s Avatar is not technically an anime, the live action movie adaptation The Last Airbender by M. Night Shyalaman is probably the best example of epic failure when it comes to film versions of hugely popular cartoons). For this reason, I didn’t want to get my hopes up about the movie of Attack On Titan. However, having watched the teaser trailer earlier in the year, and now the longer one, I have to say it looks pretty encouraging.

There are of course things that are very obviously different from the manga and anime, like the fact the entire cast is Japanese (in the series, Mikasa is supposed to be one of the only Asian people left in existence, which is actually a significant plot point given it is why she gets the Taken treatment and Eren has to rescue her when they are kids, but that’s probably quite easy to change in the story and obviously making a Japanese movie in Japanese without using Japanese actors would be kind of tricky, and making them up to look European like the original Attack On Titan characters would just be… Weird).

It also isn’t clear from the trailer how much of the story covered so far in the anime or manga the movie covers. Which arcs make it into the live action adaptation we’ll have to wait and see, but it is probably safe to assume that if successful this will just be the first in a series. From the talk in the trailer about Eren being the last hope for humanity we can assume we’ll make it at least as far as his titan transformation, but whether we’ll get to see later events like *that whole thing with Annie* it is hard to tell from this footage.


Ways The Movie May Actually Improve On The Anime

There are a lot of things people really love about the anime, like the rich and complex Attack On Titan characters, and the suspense caused by the fact that the author isn’t shy about letting major characters die in droves (the series has been compared to Game Of Thrones in that respect). The serious, oppressive and generally bleak and desperate atmosphere of the anime will be far easier to capture in a movie than that of more playful anime series, and the realistic art style and character design almost suggests that Shingeki no Kyojin (as Attack On Titan is called in Japanese) was conceived with live action cinema in mind.

The complaints people tend to have about the Shingeki no Kyojin anime tend to center around pacing. There are occasions when, in the middle of an epic fight, there is a several episode long flashback that gives some exposition at a time when you’d really rather see some ass kicking. Obviously with a movie, the director has less screen time to play with, and so the pacing could well be improved for the live action Attack On Titan release.

All in all, the movie does look promising, and if it is as good as it has the potential to be, could well raise the credibility of Japanese cinema in the West (considering that many people think all Japanese movies are either about Godzilla or something incredibly bizarre involving schoolgirls and ‘Ass Zombies’ or whatever).

One thing that may well confuse audiences unfamiliar with the Attack On Titan series, however, is the name. The translation of Shingeki no Kyojin to Attack on Titan is somewhat misleading, as it kind of suggests it is going to be about people attacking a place called Titan or something, when in actual fact it is about titans (giants) attacking people, and the people trying to fight back. Many say a more accurate translation would have been Advance Of The Titans (I don’t speak Japanese so I can only believe them – it does fit the story better). The anime has done very well despite the misleading name, but if the movie was to try and attract a wider audience then using a title in the West that better represents the actual story may help.

What do you think? Are you an Attack On Titan fan who is looking forward to the movie? Or are you someone who has never seen the anime or manga but would like to give this film a go?


Image by Rob Obsidian

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