Fallout 4 Finally Has A Proper Website – And You Can Preorder Already!

If you’ve visited our site before or follow us on Twitter, then you may have noticed that we love ourselves a bit of Fallout 4 hype. Ever since the Fallout 4 website started displaying that countdown ahead of the official announcement about the game (and in fact for the five or so years prior to that), I’ve been keenly hunting for any shred of new information. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are among my favourite games of all time (I’m in the camp that actually thinks New Vegas is better, how about you?), so I’m fully expecting to go into an antisocial cave (whether metaphorical or literal I haven’t decided yet) on the Fallout 4 release date in November.


News about Fallout 4 has been trickling out, and we covered the Fallout 4 gameplay trailer a couple of weeks ago here. What there was a distinct absence of, however, was a good official website to check for new information from Bethesda.

Happily, this is no longer the case, and if you head over to Fallout4.com you can see that Bethesda have created a pretty neat looking site.  Perhaps the things that may interest you most are the fact you can get a first look at what will be the Fallout 4 cover art, and you can preorder Fallout 4 for XBox One, PS4 or PC already through the site.

The website also features information about the tie in mobile game Fallout Shelter for iOS, which we’ll talk about in another post very soon.

Image by EMR

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