UK High Court Makes CD and DVD Ripping Illegal Again

Think back to last October when the UK High Court finally agreed to let consumers copy their own CDs and DVDs at home.  It made a lot of sense and it was a long time coming, especially as many consumers had given up buying these forms of media in favour of streaming services.  Well, let’s move forward to July 2015, and that sensible ruling has now been outlawed once again.


Why?  Well the original ruling was challenged by industry outfit UK Music and the musicians union Basca, and they won.  So now, even though you have paid cash for a CD or DVD, you are again no longer allowed to make a copy of it for personal use or burn it to your computer.  And if anything happens to your CD or DVD you will be have no option but to buy it again.

Whilst it’s likely many people will ignore the ruling and continue to make backups, doing so would be breaking the law and you won’t have an argument should you get caught.  And whilst it’s unlikely you will get caught – unless you’re copying DVDs and sharing them out amongst your friends, and their friends, and so on – it’s still probably not worth the risk.

So what are your options?  You can either continue to buy CDs and DVDs and accept that you may have to buy a new copy if your original gets broken in some way.  You can sign up for a streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix for your films, and Spotify for your music.  Or you can move to the United States where there is no set ruling on creating rips, and it’s widely accepted that it’s not a problem if you’re doing it for personal use.

Whether this law will be overturned again in the future is anyone’s guess, but it does seem to be very outdated considering the digital age that we currently live in.

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