July Loot Crate Review

I signed up for Loot Crate in May and the July crate was my third box.  It’s by far my favourite so far.  The theme was Heroes II and we were given a great loot containing Batman, Star Trek, Wonder Woman and Zelda goodies.  For the purposes of this review, I’m going to put all my prices in dollars, even though the crate was shipped to me in the UK.

What is Loot Crate?

First, for anyone who’s not heard of Loot Crate before, let me explain a little bit about it.  It’s a subscription box that costs $13.37 a month plus $6 for shipping (it costs slightly more for those of us outside the United States).  The owners of Loot Crate guarantee to send you goodies each month that are worth more than the price you pay, and each month’s loot centres around a certain theme.  So far I’ve had Unite, Cyber, and now Heroes II (the first sequel crate).

You can save 10% off any Loot Crate subscription by signing up with the codes ADDICTION or SAVE3.  Each box contains a range of goodies that include gadgets, books, figures, posters, and wearables.  And all boxes are shipped to (hopefully) arrive on the 20th of the month.  If you live outside of the US, boxes are usually shipped on around the 10th to arrive on time.

So, let’s check out what came in July’s Loot Crate with some photos artfully taken by my husband.

Loot Crate Exclusive Batman ’66 Pop Figure

This is an awesome vinyl figure of the ’66 Batman.  Created exclusively for Loot Crate I have a feeling it will be worth around $20, maybe more in the future.  Me and my husband both fought over this, and it’s definitely made me consider investing in other Q Pop figures.

Loot Crate July 1

Loot Crate Exclusive Book: The League of Regrettable Superheroes

This is easily my favourite item in this month’s crate.  We all know about the world’s most famous superheroes but this Loot Crate exclusive book introduces you to some of the weirder ones – the ones no-one has ever heard of.  It drew me in straight away with its bright graphics, and it’ll definitely be one to add to my bookshelf.  Price wise, I’d probably estimate it to be worth around $15.

Loot Crate July 2

Wonder Woman Poster

I’m not really a fan of Wonder Woman but I have a feeling my best friend will love this poster.  The art style is pretty cool, and I reckon it would look great framed.  I guess this would be worth between $5 and $10.

Loot Crate July 3

Star Trek Air Freshener

Yup this will be going in my car… enough said.  Estimated value is probably around $2.  But who else has Spock in their car?!

Loot Crate July 4

Batman Multi Tool Keychain

This is another favourite item, and one that again has been fought over in my household.  Not only does it look cool, but it doubles up as both a bottle opener and a screwdriver.  I reckon you could throw it like a Batarang too though!  I’d pay around $10 for this, though I’m sure a Batfan (see what I did there?) would probably pay more.

Loot Crate July 5

Legend of Zelda Sweatband

This looks pretty cool, but isn’t really my thing.  It’ll make a great Christmas present though I reckon!  Estimated value – $5.

Loot Crate July 6

Other Items

The other items not pictured included the monthly Loot Crate magazine and badge, and a download card for Brawlhalla, which I will probably check out if I ever go back to PC gaming.


This was the first Lootcrate I’ve received that didn’t have a t-shirt in it, but I’m totally okay with this.  I love almost all of the goodies inside the July Loot Crate and am amazed at what I received for the price I paid.  I’m now eagerly waiting the Villains II box for August!  I give this a pretty decent 9/10!

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