How Easily Can You Set Up Your Own VPN?

It may seem pretty difficult to set up your own VPN, but actually with the use of a Raspberry Pi computer it is simple to do yourself. This will allow you to browse the Internet anonymously as your traffic will go through a server which is not the one that you actually originated from. It is possible to choose a company to help you with this, but it can be a lot cheaper to do it yourself – especially if you already have a Raspberry Pi computer. They only cost £30 anyway and so you may find that even if you have to buy one, the cost will be lower than hiring a company to do it for you.


The Raspberry Pi will be limited in that it will not be able to make it look like you are in a different location, but it will allow you to surf more securely. You will also need some additional hardware – 1 x 8GB micro SD card, 1 x SD card reader, 1 x 5 volt mini USB power supply (such as a suitable phone charger, 1 x HDMI monitor, 1 x USB Keyboard and 1 x Ethernet cable.

Once you have got this there is a set of step by step instructions that you will need to follow. These are easily available online and should work, but it may take time and patience to get the VPN going. If you make one error then it will not work at all, so you need to do it very carefully. If you are used to doing this sort of thing and have confidence, then it could be a very cost effective VPN solution for you. However, it would only work on a personal basis. If you have a company that you wish to protect or a series of computers, or you have little experience in doing this sort of thing, then it could be wise to use a professional service instead. Companies that provide these services are growing and so are becoming more competitive pricing wise, and so could be the better option for most people.

In short, yes, you can set up your own VPN fairly easily, but it’s up to you whether you think it’s the best option.

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