Gamescom Xbox Conference 2015 – ‘Beyond Eyes’ out today!

Bit of a shameless plug, but the aesthetically beautiful ‘Beyond Eyes’ game is out tonight (around 6pm GMT time). Announced this afternoon as part of the Xbox big reveals at Gamescom. I had the good fortune to help on this game during the first few months of the developer Tiger and Squid’s collaboration with publisher Team17.

The game is a mix of living watercolour and vibrant audio. Its main protagonist is a girl called Rae, who has been blinded and now leads a secluded life with her one friend she trusts, a fat cat called Nani. The trials and challenges begin when Rae makes the choice to head out into a world she has shunned for years to look for the cat that has now gone missing. This became one of my favourite projects to be involved with; talking through the themes and reasons behind decisions for Beyond Eyes I really “got” what Sherida, the creative director, was driving for.  I shared an affinity with her story ideas and I heartily respect her for what she’s done with her team in the last few months. I’ve not seen the game for quite a while now so I’m looking forward to sitting down and playing this again. (Cough cough Sherida, code plx, cough). Also announced today was another game I was proud to be a part of – “Sheltered” by developer Unicube. A pixelated, grizzly post apocalyptic strategy bunker simulation.  This will be coming out today via Steam Early Access and the Xbox preview programme.

Touching briefly on the rest of the Gamescom Microsoft Xbox conference, the guys managed to give a fairly decent and fresh show to say E3 was only a few weeks ago. Highlights for me included some ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ footage. It’s safe to say Lara has evolved into a ruthless minx of a mass murderer, and the gameplay looked as rich and smooth as a Lionel Richie moustache emulator.

Halo Wars 2 was also announced to the surprised delight of the crowd, with a nice little CG teaser. This has a lot of promise with strategy veterans Creative Assembly at the helm of development.

There was lots of other footage updates for some fairly big titles coming out over the next few months, but nothing else that I felt I hadn’t already seen before. A new one I hadn’t heard of up to now, called “We Happy Few” caught my eye. It immediately screamed Bioshock at me. And I love it when Bioshock is screamed at me – if you see me on the street please feel free to.  Check it out here:

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