Playing with Giants Launch First F2P Game, and it’s Pixel Shaped

Playing with Giants are unleashing their first free to play game this week, aptly titled “Pixel 8”, and there is a mass of free content to be had with this game. The games arty based theme is curated by a Bob Ross inspired character, known as “Rob Boss”…  Here’s what the Giants had to say on the matter;

Pixel 8 is an easy-to-play but hard-to-master test of your artistic observation and digital dexterity! Can you beat the clock as you re-create the pixelated masterpieces in record time… and unlock all the Galleries?

Third place winner at Pocket Gamer’s Big Indie Pitch competition, Develop 2015
‘there’s something oddly satisfying about getting every pixel and every colour exactly right’ – Pocket Gamer

At its simplest ‘Pixel 8’ is a casual friendly game where you recreate pixel images on an 8×8 canvas. The complexity and layers of playability come in to play as the player tries to shave seconds off their times. At this level the game can take on a puzzle game mind-set where a player has to figure out what is the most time effective way of recreating the image in front of them to minimise colour selection time and finger movement. We’ve wrapped the whole game up in pixel art gallery setting where players can explore the menus as if they were physical exhibits.

  • Conquer a staggering 350 FREE levels!
  • Image Creator allows players to share their own images on Facebook and Twitter!
  • Win ‘Golden Pixels’ for beating the clock or purchase the pixels via IAP.
  • Add 100 wild “Animal” themed levels via In-App Purchase

iOS Features

  • Universal app with Cloud Save Across Devices (Support: iPhone 4 upwards, iPad 2 upwards)
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
  • iOS 6, 7 and 8 support

Regular updates will feature new free and paid content. Ranging from seasonally themed packs like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as other subjects like food, science and characters.

Fan competitions will take the 100 best fan shared images and turn them into a free future update.

Playing with Giants have also stated they are currently working on ideas of how to make the game work as a multiplayer experience with Game Center Match Play.


Pixel 8 will be available to download for free Thursday 17th September.


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