A Love Letter to Simogo (And They’ve Sneaked a Brand New Game Out called SPL-T)

Dear Simogo.

Everyone has that entity in their lives that they claim to anyone bored enough to listen, “I liked *Insert thing here* BEFORE it was cool”. With some its music bands… with others, perhaps a film director. For me, it is Simogo.

My love began even before Simogo was created, and I played the achingly adorable Ilomilo on my 360. I was one of the first to follow them on social media – company AND personal accounts (I care, OK? I’m not a stalker.) Right back when the website didn’t have much to show off other than they were good at collages and choosing an attractive colour palette.

Rushing back to present day,  and look what they have achieved; originating from seemingly naught but a belief in their own talents. Their choice of games in development have been brave and non conformist. They have not followed mobile monetary trends. They chose to port to a struggling platform (WiiU)… I guess because they just really like Nintendo? Even the posted photo’s of their office are so sickeningly hip and every detail I want to ape in my own imaginary studio. I admire every drop of Simogo, right down to the last choreographed detailed look of spontaneity.

So naturally, I’ve purchased every Simogo game since their creation five years ago. But, Simogo, it does help when you tell people about it BEFORE it comes out.

And here we have another fine example of Simogo charm. releasing a game and then telling everyone about it as a glib after thought. Genius, Simogo, Genius! Here’s what they had to say about their latest creation, ‘SPL-T’ out right now:

We know that it doesn’t look like much. We’re not trying to sell you this thing with promises of rewards, stories or grand art. We designed SPL-T to be a puzzle that would last forever, and never go out of style. Something you will always be able to pick up and play. Something you’d always get just a tiny bit better at. Something that would be fun to find and try out new strategies in.

We wanted to make the most pure puzzle we could make, and not put any distractions between YOU and SPL-T. No candy. No online. No ads, or menus popping up to ask you to review it, or buttons asking you to share your score. Just all play. Like in the good old days.

In many ways SPL-T is one of the most “purposeful” games we’ve made. Every tiny decision has had long discussions. We’ve weighed arguments against each other. We’ve put in and out features. Tested what feels like one million rules. A simple thing like removing the restart feature might seem like a miss – but it’s deliberately not there, because we want every round of SPL-T to count. We want you to get better at it and get a deeper understanding for it every time you play it. We don’t want you to look at online leaderboards at pointless numbers. We want you to talk to friends playing SPL-T, and we hope it will invite you to talk about strategies together.

We hope you will like it and play it as much as we do.

Let’s SPL-T!

Well Simogo, I’ve just gone and bought it. Even if I hate it and regret my £2 purchase and wish I’d bought a sandwich instead, I will admire everything that’s gone into getting it onto my phone. Because, you know, “Simogo”.


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