Extreme Exorcism Review

Extreme Exorcism is an indie puzzle platformer developed by Golden Ruby Games and published by Ripstone Publishing.  At first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d headed back to the 90s and powered up the Sega Mega Drive, but that’s not a bad thing.  The retro graphics and the simple game style really work well together and have led to a pretty cool game.

Extreme Exorcism

When you load up the game you’ll be given a choice of game styles: Arcade, Challenges or Deathmatch.


Arcade is where you’ll find the main game, and upon choosing this game style you’ll be given a choice of four exorcists to play as.  Will you be exorcist extraordinaire Mae Barrons?  Or do you want to be the cool Ace Blade?  Anime fans may prefer to play as Mikoto Itako, whilst pirate looking Sylvia Barrons may be more appealing.  Four gamers can play at one time, and it’s super simple to get started by simply linking your controller from the main menu. I played the single player Arcade game.

You’ll start off in the Graveyard where you’ll be presented with five platforming puzzles.  In order to advance to the next level, you’ll need to rack up 50 points.  You do this by killing ghosts with all manner of different weapons.  You get 10 points for clearing a stage, and extra points for killing a certain number of ghosts.  To do this as quickly as possible (and avoid dying), your best bet is to look out for the king ghost (the one wearing a crown).  Kill him, and all of his cronies die as well.  There are five graveyard levels, and once these are complete you can move on to another section of the house.

As you progress through each of the level’s stages you may notice something odd.  You’ll have an extra ghost on the screen, but the new ghost that appears follows the same path as you followed in the previous round and has access to the weapons you were carrying when it died.  This is really cool as if you think far enough ahead, you can purposely stick to certain paths to have a better chance of avoiding the ghosts.  However, it also prevents you from finding an easy place to hang out as you know in the next round that spot will have been taken over by the new king ghost.  And it also makes you think about the weapons you want to use.  The lightning weapon may make it easier for you to kill a ghost, but it will make it harder for you in the next round, for example.

As you kill more ghosts, you unlock more weapons.  And as you advance through the levels, you’ll find the points needed also increases.  Like I said above, it’s a simple game style, but one that I pretty quickly became addicted to.

Extreme Exorcism 2


Challenges, surprisingly, provide you with a challenge that you have to beat in single player.  This can be anything from ‘finish four rounds with five kills or less’ to ‘finish six rounds when every ghost has a harpoon gun’.  There are dozens of these to complete with new difficulty levels getting unlocked the more challenges you complete.  They’re ideal for practicing, especially if you do them before attempting the hard arcade levels.  There’s a 100 GS achievement available for completing all of the challenges.


Unfortunately, I can’t comment on this as I have no other gamers in my household (shocking right?).  If anyone wants to review this for us, please get in touch and we’ll happily add your comments to the post.


Overall, I thought Extreme Exorcism was a really good indie game, and it’s definitely one I’ll play again in the future.  The basic graphics and gameplay work really well, and by the time the levels have started to increase in difficulty, you’ll be too hooked to do anything other than carry on.

The only thing that I feel would have helped the game is if you had a freeze frame at the start of each level just so you could see where your character is.  I lost count of the number of times that I couldn’t find my character and was in dire straits by the time I figured it out.  That said, it doesn’t detract too much from the game, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, especially to people who remember the fond game days of the 90s.

Extreme Exorcism is currently available for £9.99 in the Xbox store.

Laura was provided with a free review copy of Extreme Exorcism.  This didn’t impact her review.

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