Legitimate Reasons why Drogon from GoT is Just a Typical Teenage Boy

When he first hatched, Drogon was the epitome of cuteness, sitting on his mother’s shoulder and puffing tiny flames to help her cook dinner. Much like how most teenage boys are when they’re young – cute toddlers who think helping their mum wash up is one massive game.


Give it a few years, and the little cute person – or dragon – is throwing temper tantrums, disappearing for hours on end, locking themselves in their room, getting into arguments with their parents, and refusing to get out of bed – can you see the similarities?

If you still need convincing that Drogon is just a typical teenage boy in dragon form, here’s just a few reasons:

1. He Disappears for Ages

Any parent of a teenage boy will know that sometime they just vanish. Drogon is the same. What’s he up to? Playing Xbox with his mates? Hanging around parks on a skateboard? Breathing fire and causing havoc killing sheep? Is he staying at his friends’ for dinner or coming home? Why won’t he answer his phone? He’s in big trouble if he’s getting someone to go in the shop to get booze for him!

2. He’ll Argue with His Mum About ANYTHING

Mum, why are you coming to see if I’m OK? Can’t you see I’m with my friends? We’re just chilling in this dungeon on the PlayStation? Do you really have to wear that dress when my friends are here? It’s so uncool!

3. But Dare Anybody Else Try to Argue with His Mum

Teenage boys – and teenage dragons – are a force to be dealt with if anybody upsets their mother. After all, if you hurt their mum, who else is going to do all of their washing and cook their meals? Only joking – they love their mums really, even if they might not want to admit it. Showing it by breathing fire on anyone who threatens their mum though? Bring it on.

4. He’ll Eat Anything.

Sheep, goats, a poor farmer’s whole herd? It’s all just another meal to a teenage Drogon. Well come on, he’s a growing lad!

5. He Won’t Get Out of Bed in the Morning

Ah, the bane of any teenage boy’s mother’s life. Teenagers are definitely not the best at getting up in the morning. They probably would still try and stay in bed if the house was on fire… or if a wild Dothraki tribe was circling around their mum.

6. He Gets Bigger Every Time You See Him

In typical teenage boy fashion, Drogon seems to have grown a few inches every time he appears on screen. If you bump into him after a few months, he’s had such a growth spurt that you can barely recognise him. Woah, Drogon! Last time we saw you, you were sat on your mum’s shoulder – now she’s sat on your back!

The list could go on…


“Daenerys Targaryen with Dragon-Emilia Clarke” by Uploaded by TAnthony. Via Wikipedia

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