BlizzCon Virtual Ticket Experience – Will It Be Worth It?

15 years ago I fell in love with StarCraft. For the first time we’d just got a PC in the household –  I’d bought The Sims with my £2.70 per hour shelf stacking salary and my brother had bought StarCraft with his measly paper round cash. With the Amiga 1200 all but abandoned (and unceremoniously advertised in the local paper for £50), we began our new experience of PC gaming. We believed ourselves to be kings.  Obviously with only one PC and two games between us I ended up watching him play StarCraft quite a lot. Thinking I could do it better, I ended up playing. The cut scene with the trenched Terran Marine looking up to the heavens as the Zerg came at him from all sides… Ah, the feels were real. I could possibly blame teenage girl hormones but that was the moment when I thought this is going to be one of the best gaming experiences I will ever have. Over the years I’ve intermittently revisited that game, either with yet another campaign play through or via lunchtime brawls with co-workers.

Fast forward to my imminent 30th birthday, and the arrival of the final instalment of StarCraft II. I decided to take the plunge and play the first two instalments over this summer. I really enjoyed Wings Of Liberty and Heart of the Swarm, yet nothing grabbed me quite like the first game did. However, I don’t think I was expecting it to. StarCraft and Brood War can be chalked up to one of those first time PC gamer experiences you just had to be there to appreciate. That’s not to say I won’t be playing Legacy of the Void – My anticipation levels for that are as big as Kerrigan’s attitude problem.

I’ve never played Warcraft and I’m not interested in Hearthstone, so have I bought this BlizzCon virtual ticket purely to see StarCraft II stuff? Well, no. Because you see, I have a secret – after downloading the Blizzard hub for StarCraft again a couple of months ago, I noticed the little icon for “Heroes of the Storm” and have slowly but surely become more and more immersed in the Nexus. Never being into MOBAs before, my other half had started playing HOTS around the same time (after it got announced his favourite MOBA game Infinite Crisis was getting axed) and we’re now at a point where we have been streaming the “Road to BlizzCon” world championships via Twitch most weekends… and then tuning into Twitch most nights to see if our favourite HOTS casters are playing. Yes, I’m into Twitch now.

So that’s why I’ve bought the virtual ticket for the first time ever – HOTS and SC… And the free goody codes that come with it. I also really wanted the goody bag with loot but this had sold out, alas. It seems the virtual ticket is a popular thing, but I’m still on the fence after laying down my hard earned cash. Sure, it’s a fraction of what it would cost to attend in person, but will that detachment to the live events be too much of a hurdle to overcome? Will it be any better than watching via Twitch? Being in the hustle and bustle, contributing to the electric atmosphere. Missing out on the sights, the smells, the jet-lag…

Hmm. I’ll let you know how I get on.

This year’s BlizzCon takes place November 6th and 7th. Information and virtual tickets can be found on the Blizzcon website.

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