Questionable Carvings – Get Your Creative Juices Flowing With These Pumpkin Masterpieces.

Well, you know me, I hate to judge… (If you don’t know me it’s OK, it might be for the best we leave it that way.) I absolutely adore looking at the artistic splendours each year, seeing the craftsmanship, the ingenuity carved into those big orange canvases. Those “try hards” don’t need any more web space though, they’ll get shared a million times before their chunky fruits have shrivelled. Here I decided to celebrated the most questionable, eye brow raising pumpkins I could find. Please feel free to share yours here! We’d love to see them.

Jesus Pumpkin 

jesus pumpkin

From the glowing beard to the celestial half smile, this Jesus throws to the wind the tradition and dubious religious/Halloween crossover connotations. I think this is the best religious pumpkin I’ve ever seen, courtesy of Kumar. Thank You!

Thoughtful Pumpkin


Do you see the depths of this Pumpkin? The expression that has formed due to decay? A physical metaphor of the ravages of time perhaps? Expanded to a forlorn reminder of the waste of our society, and consequently, human nature and its futile attempts at self preservation? Just look into the withered eye sockets of this Pumpkin, and you will question your very soul. Thank you, Evil Erin

Drunk Pumpkin


I’ve never carved a pumpkin whilst inebriated. If I did, I could only hope to come close to this wonderful hack and slash avant garde number. I took from this abstract art to represent an angry cat, haunted by its own fears.  Cheers, Redditer ddito.

Terrifying Pumpkin


I don’t know how they’ve managed it, but… *shudders*.



With minimal carving required, you too can jam metal looking objects into your fruit. Really digging the scars? wreck up its face with some jagged slits too. Jab a battery into the cheek as a bonus. We here at Tech Scorpion always appreciate gadgets, so can you imagine the amazement we felt finding out this packs a motion sensor, LED lights AND a freaking fog machine?! Fantastically questionable work, Hans!

Porn Pumpkin

Having Googled this (for research purposes), I’m disappointed to say there is a distinct lack of good Porn Pumpkins. It’s a gap in the market, and one day I hope to fill the slot for Porn Pumpkin with a truly questionable image. Until then, let Jesus Pumpkin pray for our souls on this years Halloween.


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