Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth’s Greed Mode Features Possibly The Game’s Toughest Boss Yet

The new expansion to The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which is called Afterbirth, is finally out, and we’ve been playing it. With a whole day of playing time under our belts I had hoped to be able to tell you all about some of the new items, the new monsters, the new transformations and the new playable character Lilith, but actually, I’ve only seen one normal run through the game, and am nowhere close to unlocking Lilith. Why? Because of the frankly awesome new play mode in the game – Greed Mode.

Spoilers lie ahead if you haven’t got to the last level of Greed Mode yet.

Essentially, Greed Mode is an entirely new way to play the game, that offers a completely different experience to normal runs through Isaac. With waves of enemies that come at you in one big room, and a chance to use the shop mechanic and more abundant treasure and guaranteed devil/angel rooms to build your character for each run in a more strategic way, it is a fun and addictive twist on the normal game. It’s good that it is fun, because most Isaac players are completionsists, and will want to unlock Lilith, and to get her you need to complete Greed Mode with Azazel.

OK, you might say – Azazel is the easiest character to work with, and how hard can it be to complete some permutation of Isaac once?

Well, very hard, it turns out. Because of this:


This is Ultra Greed. He’s not doing much here, but when he starts to fight you you’ll know what I’m talking about. He is huge, he spawns about a billion regular Greed enemies, and he throws around these weird giant coins that damage you and heal him. With the low range of Azazel’s mini-brimstone he is very, very hard to fight. As yet, I haven’t even figured out his attack patterns let alone come up with a way to try and focus a build that could beat him with Azazel’s short range.


This is just a quick post to talk about this awesome new challenge in the game, and we will give you more Afterbirth content when we’ve played a bit more (and maybe actually seen something other than Greed Mode!), but, if you have beaten Ultra Greed, especially with Azazel, we’d love to hear your tactics and build!

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