Fallout 4: The Pip Boy Addition Experience

I think my partner struggles to know what to buy me when it comes to birthdays and Christmas, so my turning 30 this year must have been panic inducing for him. Luckily, Bethesda announced Fallout 4, and a Pip Boy addition at that – so his job was made pretty easy. It came yesterday, and I’ve had a few hours with it now. I know there has been a few muck ups with orders so many people who thought they had secured one have been left empty handed. I decided to share my findings on it so you can decide whether you’re missing out. There’s going to be more to buy eventually, after all.

The presentation is immaculate

A word conjuring pristine art, I think, goes well with the detailing that has gone into the design for the Pip Boy addition. The chunky box, the stand for the Pip Boy, even the “in-character” stiff upper lip help manual screams love for the Fallout universe. It put a smile on my face when I opened it up, which has got to be the desired affect everyone is after. Even the bearded dragon is interested:

pip boy box presentation

Always read the manual

I am one of 99% of the population who think they can figure things out without reading any instructions. It turns out I needed to. Do yourself a favour and just read the manual, its educational and fun.

It’s not exactly sturdy, or flimsy

Well, I think I might have already broken my Pip Boy by pulling it about in an effort to work out what’s what. It’s a black button on the rear right side, which the manual refers to as the “selector” button. It’s now pushed inside with no way of un-popping it. However, apart from that, my Neanderthal attempts to pop open and then force back down the screen without reading how, seem to have gone relatively unscathed. Other knobs and buttons still function after much twiddling.

It’s built for bigger wrists than mine

The Velcro seems to be made with Adamantium like grip, but after prising this apart and slipping the Pip Boy on to my wrist I couldn’t quite get it tight enough to remain well positioned on my arm. The weight would drag it to flop around, and I lamented not having beefy man forearms.

pip boy fallout 4

It’s not mobile friendly… or, “ARGHQUICKPRESSB”

Perhaps I’m lazy, but I decided to just default my phone to never go into sleep mode due to not being able to easily swipe it awake once the Pip Boy visor was locked down (it covers up the home button). This, coupled with running an app talking to your game seems to wipe my battery out rather quickly. I found myself forgetting to use the app too, because I usually bring my Pip Boy up in a panic during fire fights where I have once again walked clumsily into a nest of raiders.


So, am I going to use it to enhance my playing experience whilst traversing the wastelands of Fallout 4? Probably not. Is it going to end up collecting dust on the mantelpiece? Yes, yes it is. And I’m perfectly happy with that, because I think Todd Howard hit the nail on the head in his press conference announcement at E3 way back in June: “As far as stupid gimmicks goes, this is the best fucking one I’ve ever seen”.

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