Tech Scorpion Top 5 – Top 5 Films To Fall Asleep To.

It came to my attention that there are ‘noise needers’. People that actively put something on in the background for the sole purpose of falling asleep. I hold my hand up and say I am one, and it turns out there are plenty of others that do just the same. The Sleep Foundation disapproves, and advises against anything of the sort except a white noise generator. And whilst evidence suggests its not the best thing for us, I think familiar movies playing in the background brings more than just a noise filter.

Our title suggests the films should be boring, yet I’ve found this is quite the contrary. Invariably it is a film favourite, a comfort film that you’ve seen a hundred times and it doesn’t matter if you miss the last hour because you know exactly what’s said and when. After scouring the internet (and mainly Reddit) Here’s a collection of mine, and the worlds, ‘Top 5’ movies to fall asleep to:

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I think I could have put any of the Peter Jackson Middle Earth movies here, but I’ve gone for Fellowship because of its gentle easy going intro. There’s a lot less grating CGI and it is generally a pleasant backdrop of a saga to close your eyes to.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Easily my favourite Cohen Brothers movie. Based loosely on the classic the “Odyssey”, the pleasant soundtrack, the warm accents, and the humour will have you falling asleep with a grin on your face.

Blade Runner

“Like tears in the rain.” Ridley Scott’s brooding dreamy sci-fi is high up there on the list of movies to stick on before bedtime. I can safely say this is a film I have seen the first half of much more than the second half!

Big Trouble in Little China

I think Carpenter has several classics that ’30 somethings’ will say are their sleep movies. I almost swapped this for the Thing, but for me, Jack, Egg Shen and Wang wins out.


I could very easily name several Ghibli Movies here in this top 5, and I struggled to narrow it down to Totoro. In the end this story is just so magical, so perfect, I had to go for the Japanese iconic lump of fur.

Close Contenders

Honourable shout outs to Tremors, Lost in Translation, 2001 Space Odyssey, Clash of the Titans (Harryhausen, naturally) and guilty pleasure Independence Day.

What do you think? Have I missed your sleepy time movie? Let us know your favourites.

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