Tech Scorpion Top 5 – Top 5 Movies To Watch When You’re Poorly

Last week I wrote about the phenomena that is the sleepy time “noise needers” of the world, those of us that put a favourite movie on to fall asleep to. Since then I’ve had suggestions thrown around, that have rocked the ‘Top 5 movies to fall asleep to’ right to the core. It’s been a tough week. However, in a controversial move, I would say that those movies now brought forth fall into a different category – and so we have a brand new poll. That’s right, Top 5 movies to watch when you are ill. This is chicken soup for the peepers, eye comfort on another level. This is the sick movie zone.

Land That Time Forgot

Hi I’m Doug McCLure, you might remember me from such B movie classics as this 1975 dinosaur flick. A firm go to movie when you’re looking worse than the models on show here.


More plot holes than worm holes, Star gate never the less has something about it that we go back to time and again when we are feeling under the weather.

Beauty and the Beast

Let’s be honest, most Disney movies could be put in a top movies to watch when you’re sick. It’s just standard. I went for this because it’s probably my favourite Disney. I love the story, the characters, and the animation.

Fantastic Mr Fox

This is one of those movies I don’t tend to watch UNLESS I’m ill. There’s something about George Clooney’s soothing tones that makes this a top movie to watch when you are on deaths door.

Joe VS the Volcano

One for fellow Tech Scorpion writer Laura, Joe VS the Volcano has some irrepressible feel good vibes oozing out of this Tom Hanks underrated gem.


Close Contenders

Top props to ‘The Princess Bride’, ‘Truman Show’,  ‘Some Like it Hot’,  ‘Clueless’, ‘Ghostbusters’, who all lend a helping hand when you’re feeling delirious.

What do you think? Have I missed out your sick day film? Get in touch and let us know!

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