Twine For Noobs – Answers You Won’t Find On Forums (Part One: Audio)

I’ve wanted to learn something like Twine 2 for a while, a convenient program that gives you the tools to go off and create your own interactive text adventures. I’ve played some great examples online of other people’s work, and so last week I dedicated some time to look at it myself.

Being a technical person is all comparative – I’m a computer genius compared to my mum (she recently learned how create a folder. move a file into a folder). Comparing myself to, say, an actual programmer, I have the understanding of a toddler.

Learning Twine 2, I’ve been racking my brains for a few hours trying to get things to work. For ‘Part One’, I’m going to focus on some pointers for getting Audio to work in your story. This isn’t a place for people wanting to learn Twine – this is a noob troubleshoot written by a noob for those that have looked at all the forums in the world and can’t get something to work. This is covering the information forgotten by the tutorial forumites because it’s possibly too obvious. So if you trip over a suggestion below, and it hits a eureka moment, let me know I’ve helped in some way! Likewise, if you’ve stumbled across this post and you’re in a similar position as a Twine student, please share your tips in the comments below! Finally, If you have some suggestions on what area you’d like to cover for Part Two, get in touch.

(Actual tutorial help can be readily found here and here.)


Are you testing the audio as a published file (rather than in the app test) and is the file in the same directory as the audio?


Yes, you’re hosting files on Dropbox, in the same folder as your published story, and added audio still doesn’t work.

Try making a ‘public‘ folder in Dropbox – details here. Remember to update all your URLs in the story if you’ve made any changes to the file location.


Your Dropbox folder is public, still doesn’t work.

Ensure the link is the copied public URL from the folder directory.

public dropbox


You’ve checked that, still doesn’t work.

Story Formats apparently have a big importance in what commands you put in for audio to work, and whether or not they will work. I started out creating a story in Harlowe (the default when launching Twine 2 for the first time.) I discovered I could change the format mid writing, rather than starting all over again. Try SugarCube as your default, as this seems to be the most audio friendly.

twine format


You’ve changed that, still doesn’t work.

Try a different browser to test the published story on. I found chrome and IE didn’t work – Firefox I suddenly found sound worked!


Can you just show me what yours looks like?

Sure. The StoryInit passage hosts the cached audio, which I can then recall in later passages.

cache storyinit cached audio


Audio is working, but it’s not doing what I want it to. 

Start exploring the commands to use, experiment with what works with your story! Help for that is found here.

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