Tech Scorpion Top 5 – 5 New Techs For Pets

So we’ve talked long and hard about new gadgets and advancements in tech for hoomankind, but we’ve been overlooking the progress being made to bring tech to your pets. Fear not, we’ve now researched into it and it does indeed exist. So without further ado, here is our Top 5 Pet Tech.



The Cat@log (“Cat-a-log”) folk are currently researching and developing a series of sensing devices to be worn around your cat’s neck. These bits of kit will do a whole bunch of things – including cameras, GPS, accelerometer and Bluetooth module. Information and images are then uploaded via twitter posts. Apart from the adorable concept of your cats getting more social followers than yourself, think of the future possibilities this tech could entail – lost and stolen pets will be relaying their exact location and surroundings back to base, and if you fancy your pet becoming an international spy, well… I guess its possible?!



You have probably heard of the Fitbit – one of Tech Scorpions editors has one, and can provide all sorts of interesting data for you to analyse about your body. Well, the FitBark is the canine version, so to speak. Activity and sleep is turned into ‘barkpoints’. With this device you track your best friend’s progress, giving you the chance to change exercise, behaviour and food decisions. It will also give you some good data if the need for a vet visit arises. The device is worn on the dog collar, and speaks to the ios or android app on your phone.











Cat Armour

Ah the wonderful world of 3D printing. Printthatthing has come up with a ‘feline fine’ design for all of you out there with a 3d printer. (And by the way I am very jealous of you). Turn your cat into a Draugr Hunter by downloading the template for free. Just make sure your cat is OK with this!


Cat Genie

After starting work at an animal sanctuary, I have learnt the beauty of the Cat Genie. It saves on a tonne of expensive cat litter by using self -washable litter. And it saves you time and ick by not having to scoop poop yourself.  Perhaps slightly overkill for the one pet household – but for all the budding crazy catladies and gents out there this will be super useful. Plugged into a cold water and electrical outlet, this is the pet toilet for the privileged.

cat g











At first I saw the iFetch and I thought “wow, such laze”. But I reconsidered after remembering how rubbish I am at throwing things. And I can imagine those in the community that are equally upper arm strength challenged would find this really handy for their dog. Suitable for smaller to medium sized dogs due to the ball size, the iFetch automatically launches balls at various distances, keeping your dog entertained and happy whilst you sip on margaritas. It can operate on mains or battery, which is convenient as I doubt many of us have 30ft gardens to be launching balls across.

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