Bust Some Moves with Dance Central Spotlight

Dance Central Spotlight is the latest game in the Dance Central franchise.  Released purely for the Xbox One, it’s a fantastic addition to the Kinect games, and is well worth a try if you want to get fit at home or just have a fun afternoon with your friends.

Dance Central Spotlight

In contrast to the Dance Central games for the Xbox 360, Dance Central Spotlight is a much more slimline game that focuses more on dancing than a story.  In fact, there’s no story mode included in Spotlight, and the game itself comes with just 10 core songs.  Don’t let that put you off, though.  The price of Dance Central Spotlight is a lot cheaper than the previous Dance Central Games (you can pick it up for as little as $10 in the US and £8 in the UK) and users not only get to buy songs of their own choosing to add to the game, but each song also comes with 8 different modes which you unlock as you play.


The dancing part of Dance Central Spotlight is very similar to previous games.  Cue cards are displayed along the right of the screen showing you what move is coming up next and to help you mirror the dancers on the screen.  The characters you have come to know and love such as Miss Aubrey are also in Spotlight, and the aim of the game is the same.  If you’ve played previous versions of Dance Central, you’ll have no issue jumping straight into this.


The feedback system is Dance Central Spotlight is as minimal as you’ve come to expect, however if you’re struggling to perfect a move and gain the coveted flawless appreciation, you can speak to the Kinect and ask the game to help you practice it until you nail it.  As every flawless move you perfect goes towards unlocking more routines, this is something that you’ll probably want to do early on – especially for the songs you like.  You can also return to the main menu and practice a song’s moves before you jump into a song, but for those who found this tedious on other Dance Central games, you have other options.


One of the best things about Dance Central Spotlight is its Fitness options.  If, like me, you get a bit bored of making playlists, you can simply head to the Fitness section, choose how long you want to dance for, and jump right in.  You can also choose what kind of routine you want to do – strength, cardio, etc. – or even choose a mixture.  And, unlike previous Dance Central games where you had to wait for the score to appear on the screen, Spotlight enables you to just keep on dancing until the end of your workout.  You also don’t need to have unlocked routines for you to dance to them in Fitness mode.


Dance Central Spotlight is a slimline game, but due to its cheap price you can build up a library of songs based on the type of music you enjoy.  Hate Justin Bieber?  He’s not forced on you in Spotlight.  Instead, you can build up a library containing songs from everyone from Fat Boy Slim and the Black Eyed Peas to Blur and Erasure.  For the fun factor, and the workout features, Dance Central Spotlight is a fantastic addition to the Dance Central franchise, and it’s still, in my opinion, the best Xbox franchise for those who want to work out from home.  It gets my full approval, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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