How the Share Button Has Become the New ‘Word of Mouth’ for Small Businesses

Social media is everywhere and on every device. And while the consumer take up of social media has been phenomenal, nobody has adjusted to and embraced the idea as much as small businesses.

Social Media

Before the explosion that was and is social media, small businesses such as hair salons, mechanics, and local retail stores relied on personal physical connections with their customers to both keep them returning to their store and services, and to obtain new clients through referrals.

The most powerful way for them to maintain their business was for their existing customers to share their satisfaction with friends and family. And while they did and do a great job at keeping their clients satisfied with quality services, unless their customers were physically speaking and interacting with their friends, the opportunity for a referral simply wasn’t present.

Enter Social Media

By establishing a strong social media presence, small businesses have expanded their engagements with their existing customers base outside the confines of physical interactions. Instead of a limited amount of time during their appointments, the sales cries of small businesses could continue to be heard even after the client had left the salon chair.

But how could they turn this engagement into a referral?

Small businesses knew that their clients were now connecting with scores of people a week with the touch of a few buttons and that it was these connections which provided the perfect opportunity for a referral.

It is this awareness which began what we are going to refer to as the ‘share to win’ strategy. Realizing the importance their customers placed on their digital reputation, small businesses began to offer discounts and rewards for those who shared their current promotions to entice their followers to widen their promotion.

By doing this, small businesses were and are now able to reach clients who are not only local but may be visiting and searching for a service similar to theirs. Of course, with a powerful enough share, many businesses can see interstate clients traveling to take advantage of referred promotions.

While small business will always have a reliance on how their customers speak about their services over coffee and at family gatherings, it’s safe to say that their primary means of ‘word of mouth’ referrals has well and truly evolved into your friendly and every so common ‘share’ button.

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