Best Tech Crowdfunders – The Monthly Round up

Crowdfunding has been established for a while now, and  its had its horror stories (way to build your own house buddy!) and failed projects. Yet there is plenty of success and kudos flying about for people to continue to help fund dreams that might never be realised otherwise. (Shameless plug for one of my old projects – Hello “Sheltered”!)

We love browsing the innovation and artistry on show here at Tech Scorpion and have decided to dedicate some page space to the best of the bunch across the various crowdfunding sites available. After all, every little helps with these endeavours. Here is our début – rounding up the most promising projects that are currently asking for your money in June.

Let us know if you have a crowdfunded project currently in the works, or if you’ve seen a particularly awesome new game or gadget that needs some help!


Nintendo Entertainment Famicon: A Visual Compendium 

Ends July 1st 2016

Ok, so its not technically tech – but its a gorgeous book about tech! We love books here and this one looks like a new essential for the coffee table. At the time of writing there were still some early bird discounted pledges available, but looking at the quality of this one I think its safe to say they won’t be there long.



Ends June 23rd

Survive as a dinosaur in a scientifically accurate environment. What’s not to love? I’ve been following these guys for over a year, I wanted to get them signed to the publisher I was working with at the time. Looks like they can happily go it alone, with some amazing support being shown very quickly in their crowdfunded project.



Ends July 5th

Its no secret I love robots, so this little guy is high up there on the ‘needs to be made’ list for me. The fact that Photon is said to help children with their logical thinking ability is kind of just an added bonus, I guess.


DAN cases

Ends June 28th

Designed to be the worlds smallest Gaming case, This is tech redefining the word PC “Tower”. For the fans of ‘small form’ or the gamers living in limited space, this looks to be a great project to back.


ZENTA: wearable tech for your emotional wellbeing

Ends July 1st

‘ZENTA uses the most advanced patented sensing technology and machine learning algorithms to decode cues from your body, mind and digital life’… Well, when a gadget can tell you more about you than you know about yourself, that’s the time to listen, right?


And finally…

This months Tech Scorpion Leftfield Award goes to:

WARR Hyperloop team

Faster than a plane at a tenth of the energy consumption. If teleportation is still out of the question, then this is how I want to get to places! This project looks like it could do with a some serious backing to get it through to its next phase of research.

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