Competition Time – ‘Heroes of the Storm’ Heroes and Skins to Win

Hot off the back of Dreamhack Sweden, and courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment, we’re stoked to announce a huge “Heroes of the Storm” character and skin giveaway!

If you have never played the game, or even a MOBA, now is the perfect time to give it ago. HOTS is a free to play MOBA featuring playable heroes from all of Blizzards franchises such as StarCraft, Warcraft and Overwatch.

What’s more, coming up this weekend Blizzard have announced that ALL characters will be on free hero rotation… So you’ll be able to not only try every single hero in the game, but get tonnes of easy gold to purchase your favourite characters once the free rotation is over! You don’t have to just spend it on the characters though – there are plenty of fantastic skins in the shop for you to buy. Why buy them though, when you can just win them?! Tech Scorpion have not one, not two, but nine chances for you to win yourself a freebie! On offer we have:


  • Tassadar with Crypt Skin x 1
  • Stitches with Chef Skin x 1
  • Falstad with Stormlord Skin x 2
  • ETC with Glam Metal Skin x 2
  • Murky with Funny Bunny Skin x 3

epic skin hots

For a chance to win, like and share our Tech Scorpion Facebook post here.  Winners will be contacted directly after the free rotation weekend is over. Good Luck!

See you in the Nexus!



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