Why is Online Gaming Almost Hotter than Tom Hiddleston Right Now?

Online gaming is huge right now. Not quite as hot as Tom Hiddleston, admittedly, but it is hard to think of another activity that takes up so much of our spare time, apart from playing online casino games at slotsheaven.com of course. So why is online gaming so cool and why does it come a close second to looking at Hiddy in his boxers?

Published under the Fair Use policy

Published under the Fair Use policy

We love online games, mostly because we can play them wherever and whenever we like. Online gaming used to be restricted to a desktop computer. This meant that the only keen gamers out there were nerdy types who lived on caffeine and suffered from social anxiety.

These days, online gamers come from all walks of life and every demographic imaginable. People play online games on the morning commute or at lunch over a cappuccino in Starbucks. As long as you have an internet connection, online gaming is fun and convenient.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games have soared in popularity in recent years. Online slots, roulette, blackjack and other casino games are easy to play thanks to downloadable apps from well-known casino websites such Casino.com. You no longer need to visit a casino to play online roulette or casino Hold ‘Em. Instead, if you have ten minutes to kill, play a quick game on your smartphone or iPad. What could be easier – and more fun?


Minecraft is enormously popular, particularly with kids. Unlike the ‘shoot ‘em up’ online games of years gone by, Minecraft is a construction sandbox game. You spend your time on Minecraft exploring different realms and building things. It is fun and addictive in equal measures. The Minecraft pocket edition app is perfect for smartphones and tablets – download it from the Apple or Google store and play anytime, anywhere.

Facebook Games

Facebook is more than just a place to chat with friends. As well as catching up with what’s happening in your corner of the universe, you can also play games. Games on Facebook tend to be the type of distracting game you can fit into a few spare minutes. This makes Facebook games enormously appealing. Facebook slot and casino games are amongst the top grossing games on Facebook, along with Candy Crush Saga and Farmville. You can play alone, or collaborate with your Facebook friends.

Online gaming is unlikely to fall out of favour any time soon, although if Tom Hiddleston is picked as the next 007, we could be persuaded to cut down the amount of time we spend gaming in favour of watching the lovely Hiddy in action.

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