Prediction Time – What’s In Store For Our Favourite Game of Thrones Characters In Season 7?

Wowee. What a season we just witnessed. Story lines are converging at an alarming rate, and we are now left teetering on the brink of the crashing culminations for another year. Well… Damn. Like an 80 year old with a bladder problem, who’s at the back of the toilet queue in the local BP garage; we just don’t think we can wait that long.

After discussing long and hard, we’ve put together our favourite predictions for characters in Season 7… Be warned, this WILL contain spoilers from the previous seasons of Game of Thrones.


Varys high fives into an alignment


It looks like Dorne were fine with the assassination of their ruler, because up pops that charmer Varys as Gran’ma Tyrell is tongue whipping the Dorne girls to silence. Evidently the last episode of season 6 covers months of time lapsing, because not only has Arya returned to continue on her kill list crusade (complete with handy backpack of faces for every occasion), Varys has nipped back across the waters to be at Daenerys’ side. This tells us that negotiations have been successful, and Kings landing are about to have not only Dany’s dragons, but the Dothraki, the Unsullied, The Greyjoys, the Dornish and the Tyrrells stopping by for a cuppa and a massacre.

Cersei’s up shit creek without a paddle


Her lova from the same mutha is going to forgive her for driving their last remaining child to suicide. Let’s face it, they did the dirty next to their other son’s resting corpse a couple of years back. But whilst she’s finally got the Throne, she’s not got the crowd. It’s a temporary win, won by surprise and fear and the remaining kegs of wildfire. Once some contenders come knocking at her door, she’ll be deserted quicker than a tramp on chips. Let’s hope she kept some wildfire back in reserve.

Bronn runs back to little brother


Another ally for the Lannisters is going to leave them for good. Bronn is a sell-sword at heart and a lover of the ladies. As soon as he sees his favourite Dorne daughter has sided with the girl power army, Jamie will be giving him a golden wave of farewell.

Bran doesn’t get the death we all want him to have.


The boy that manages to muck things up time and again won’t get the ending we all kind of want to see him get (even though we shouldn’t, because he’s a “good guy”.) Instead he meets up with Cousin Jon and they do some voodoo around the godswood at Winterfell… but the ‘three-eyed raven’ has to admit defeat and it won’t help the war against the dead just yet.

Winterfell gets abandoned.


Whilst I’m all for team ‘North’, and especially little Lady Mormont, that there winter has come and the dead are going to drive the northerners down the country, right into the calamitous battle going on for Kings Landing. Much death, such wows will all be thrown into the mix. Brienne, Tormund, Podrick, Sansa, Grey Worm all snuff it. Jamie’s probably already dead by this point too. Lets throw the Hound in for good measure. And Bronn.

Sam wins the day, becomes winner of ‘Game of Thrones 2017’.


Just as things are at their bleakest – Dragons are dead, as well as Dany now – Samwell finds the way to take out the White Walkers and their army of the dead. Melisandre might point him in the right direction here, she’s in the neighbourhood since being banished after all. (Arya takes her out soon after).  Everyone breathes a sigh of relief and the chunky hunk of house Tarly is proclaimed King.

Littlefinger’s final thoughts


Sam ends up being killed a few days later in a mysterious circumstance involving poisons and a necklace and that back-liner Baelish ‘grudgingly’ accepts acting kingship whilst they sort everything out. Fingers are pointed at Dorne and shit hits the fan all over again. Everyone goes back home and it’s the end.

What do you think? Have I missed off one of your favourite characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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