Top 10 Xbox Games for Kids

Microsoft’s Xbox One is one of the best gaming consoles on the market today. An advanced version of the original Xbox released in 2001 and a step up from the hugely popular Xbox 360, if you have purchased an Xbox One for your kids you’ve opened up a whole new virtual world of adventure and fun for them. But, with gaming consoles targeted at users of all ages, which games are the best for the younger generation? We’ve lined up ten of the best kids’ Xbox One games.

1. Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations

Adventure Time - Finn and Jake Investigations

Based on Adventure Time, the popular Cartoon Network TV show, Finn and Jake Investigations allows the player to follow characters Finn and Jake through five different adventures. Each adventure comes with a mystery to be solved, which the player can do via solving simple puzzles and interacting with their surroundings to find clues. With great visuals, original voice acting and a cast of familiar characters, both younger and older fans of Adventure Time will definitely love this game. Buy Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations from Amazon.

2. Minecraft


A hugely popular game with the younger generation, Minecraft allows players to create and explore their own world where the only limit is their imagination. With a huge range of downloadable content for players to use when creating their world, Minecraft is also a great social game as it allows for Xbox Live play in any combination up to eight players. The Xbox One edition of this game allows players to play in worlds up to 36 times larger. Buy Minecraft from Amazon.

3. Forza Horizon 3 (Standard Edition)

Forza Horizon 3 (Standard Edition)

The standard edition of Forza Horizon 3 includes both the full game and the Forza Hub app. Players take to the tracks to explore Australia, the largest and most diverse open world of the Horizon Festival ever. Players can be the boss of their very own Horizon Festival and can customise every part of their game from start to finish whilst inviting friends to the all-new four player online campaign. Buy Forza Horizon 3 (Standard Edition) from Amazon.

4. LEGO Marvel Avengers

LEGO Marvel Avengers

LEGO Marvel Avengers brings both superheroes and LEGO – two things that most kids love – together for one amazing game. The latest game in the Traveller’s Tales series, LEGO Marvel Avengers brings the storylines of the popular Avengers films into a setting that’s both family friendly, fun, and of course includes LEGO. The game offers over two hundred characters to play as, fifteen different story levels and a huge, open world to explore. Buy LEGO Marvel Avengers from Amazon.

5. Skylanders Superchargers

Skylanders Superchargers

The original toys-to-life game, Skylanders has been a hugely popular game and brand with kids for the past few years. Featuring vehicles for the very first time, Skylanders Superchargers is a great game for kids and even adults of all ages. With action-packed gameplay that’s fast-paced, colourful and engaging, Skylanders Superchargers comes complete with a starter pack and a base which can be connected to your console. Buy Skylanders Superchargers from Amazon.

6. Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity 3.0

Not long after the success of Skylanders, Disney followed suit with Disney Infinity, a game which allows players to bring their favourite Disney characters to life. Disney Infinity 3.0 allows players to bring to life to both new and old characters from the Star Wars series. The game is made up of a fully-featured, action-packed story mode along with the hugely fun ‘Toybox’ mode, there is a literally endless amount of content to keep both fans of Disney and Star Wars happy for hours. Buy Disney Infinity 3.0 from Amazon.

7. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

A fun game for kids of all ages which comes with a multiplayer mode for up to four people at the same time, Rayman Legends makes for a great choice of family game. A side performer game where your character will move sideways across the screen and jump and dodge to avoid enemies or obstacles, players can collect items, free friends who have been captured and unlock up to one hundred and twenty different levels of gameplay. Buy Rayman Legends from Amazon.

8. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

Plants Vs Zombies - Garden Warfare

Plants Vs Zombies started off as a hugely popular mobile game app where a variety of different plants take out armies of zombies. Since moving to console level, Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has become a massively popular Xbox One game which allows players to blast zombies, plants and other fun characters in the range across an interesting world which plays like a traditional first-person shooter game but with the family-friendliness level of Plants Vs Zombies. Choose whether to play as a plant or a zombie and customise your character. Buy Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare from Amazon.

9. Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon

Animal-lovers of all ages will really love playing Zoo Tycoon on Xbox One, a popular game which allows players to take over and manage their own zoo. In gameplay, you can adopt a range of different animals who will live in your zoo whilst you care from them with fun activities such as bath time, feeding, and playtime. The game allows for multiplayer mode of up to four people, and players can take part in activities such as trading animals and multiplayer challenges. Buy Zoo Tycoon from Amazon.

10. Kinect Sports Rivals

Kinect Sports Rivals

If you’ve purchased the Kinect 2 for your child’s Xbox, Kinect Sports Rivals is one of the most fun game choices. If it’s a rainy day and your kids are feeling bored at home, Kinect Sports Rivals allows them to play some of their favourite sports and burn off some energy at home in front of the TV. The game includes a range of action-packed, motion focussed sporting games including rock climbing, target shooting, tennis, football, bowling and racing to provide both great fun and great exercise. Buy Kinect Sports Rivals from Amazon.

Xbox One games can make the perfect gift for kids of all ages, whether they’re into building their own virtual worlds or adventuring with their favourite characters.

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