10 Pokémon Toys That Pokémon Go Fans Will Love

As Pokémon Go continues to tease people with characters that you can’t actually hold or touch, many of the game’s players are looking for more tangible old-fashioned toys and accessories to go along with their rekindled love for what is perhaps the world’s most popular game and cartoon. Luckily, there’s no shortage of Pokémon toys out there, and with the following list you should be on your way to building a strong collection and becoming a better trainer:

1. Pokémon Mega Essential Handbook

Pokémon Mega Essential Handbook

How can you even begin to consider yourself a Pokémon expert if you don’t have the Mega Essential Handbook on hand?” It’s almost 400 pages of pure Poke-knowledge that no trainer should go without, and all of that is crammed into a compact and surprisingly inexpensive book. With this handbook you’ll be equipped with everything you need to know about all 646 Pokémon., including the 153 characters that were recently added in the Pokémon Black and White videogame series. This is actually a revised and updated version of the Ultimate Handbook released in 2008, which still remains a best seller all these years later.

2. Pokémon Master Trainer Board Game

Pokémon Master Trainer Board Game

When it comes to having an experience similar to playing Pokémon Go offline, nothing is better than the official Master Trainer board game. This is a really fun group activity and you might even like some aspects of it better than playing Pokémon Go. It also provides a great opportunity to teach kids about Pokémon battles outside of the app. Some would say that the board game version requires an even higher level of logic and strategy, so if you have enough people to play with it can easily be more addictive than playing Pokémon Go.

3. Pokémon Mini Figure Set – 144 Pieces

Pokémon Mini Figure Set – 144 Pieces

This set is a hugely popular item with Pokémon Go fans because it is one of the fastest ways to start collecting Pokémon figures in bulk, which of course is good if you’re aiming to acquire the complete collection of characters. Sets like this are also an inexpensive way to get a bunch of figures that can be used as party gifts or added to a collection without making a bunch of separate purchases. They also compliment the board game well.

4. Pokémon Mini Doll Set – 72 Pieces

Pokémon Mini Doll Set – 72 Pieces

If small and hard plastic pieces don’t seem appealing, you might consider the alternative of going for a mini doll set instead. These often come in key chain form as well, and are great decorations to setup in the bedroom or on the dashboard of your car. Pokémon Go fans with young children may find the softer dolls to be more kid-safe than their plastic counterparts. Also, they’re more difficult to break and stepping on them doesn’t hurt as it does with the pointy plastic figures.

5. Pokeballs – 10 Types to Collect

Pokeballs – 10 Types to Collect

What good is it having all those figures or dolls without any pokeballs to keep your favourite creatures in? There are plenty of options in this regard, but the best way to go is to opt for the official pokeball and character sets from the Pokémon creators rather than choosing a third-party pokeball. The official pokeballs come with authentic Pokémon replicas and go beyond the standard red and white styles that you see everywhere, which makes them more like the variety of Pokeballs used in the original cartoon/game.

6. Clip-n-Carry Cross Belt

Clip-n-Carry Cross Belt

Of course, carrying Pokeballs and Pokémon around in your pocket isn’t exactly feasible, and retrieving them from a backpack is anything but convenient. Thus, for the serious trainer who enjoys a long evening of Pokémon Go, a Clip-n-Carry Cross Belt is definitely worth consideration. These belts typically come with a couple of characters and Pokeballs included, and are styled in the same manner as the belt Ash wears.

7. Interactive Pokedex

Interactive Pokedex

When the Pokémon Go servers are down, there’s no better way to play Pokémon in the digital realm than with the official Interactive Pokedex. This handheld touchscreen-equipped device provides 12 different modes of gameplay, and more than 1400 quiz questions that teach you about the 450 Pokémon that can be found in the Kalos region of the game. While this toy can’t exactly replace the augmented reality app we’ve all come to love, it does make a good complement to Pokémon Go.

8. Pokémon Trading Card Game

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Sure, Pokémon Go is obviously vastly superior to the original card game in many ways, but if you’re a true enthusiast, why not have both? There’s a number of Pokémon trading card games to choose from, such as the popular Latias and Latios D8 set. Most are made for two players and include about 30 cards for each player.

9. Trainer Gloves

Trainer Gloves

If you’re going to be out and about capturing Pokémon like a real trainer, why not have the gloves to match? What’s great about the famous gloves worn by Ash is that they have no fingertips, so they’re perfect for wearing while using your smartphone’s touchscreen during a Pokémon Go session. There are plenty of brands and options to consider, but the most popular seems to be the official motion activated, sound-enhanced trainer gloves from Pokémon.

10. How to Draw Pokémon Kit

How to Draw Pokémon Kit

For those with an artistic side, learning how to draw your favourite Pokémon can be a lot of fun and can provide an additional outlet to help you expand your skills. There are a few books and guides that fall under this category, but the fan favourite seems to be the Pokémon How-to-Draw Kit: Starting with the All Stars. The kit includes a practice pad, sticker sheets, a Pokémon themed drawing pencil and sharpener, 4 twist crayons, two custom erasers, a custom pencil pouch, and a 32-page project book that shows you how to draw 15 of the most well-known Pokémon characters.

Get a Card Grab Bag for Extra Measure

Finally, to top it all off, why not pick up a rare card grab bag to expand your collection of Pokémon trading cards? There are plenty of ways to collect rare and exciting Pokémon cards, but the fastest way to build up your collection is with grab bags.

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