What to Expect from Just Dance 2017

Earlier this year at the 2016 E3 press conference, Ubisoft unveiled its upcoming Just Dance 2017 videogame, which is expected to be released on October 25th. It’ll be available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, and Wii. It’s interesting to note that this will be the last game made for the Wii console.

It will also be available for Nintendo’s upcoming NX console. In case you haven’t played previous installments of the Just Dance series, the object of the game is to mimic dance moves shown in the game as accurately as possible. Players are graded with a score based on how well they time and perform the dance moves.

Here are some of the new features and changes we can expect to see in Just Dance 2017:

New Gameplay Mode and Scoring Rank

Fans can look forward to a new mode called Just Dance Machine being added to the PC and current-generation console versions of the game. In this mode you’re captured by aliens and then challenged to power the “Just Dance Machine” with funky moves so that the ETs can return to their home planet.

In addition to powering a space ship with their grooves, players will also be able to obtain a new 5-star (Superstar) ranking if they’re able to score higher than 11,000 points. Aside from this mode, Ubisoft has made it clear that 2017 will keep all of the previous gameplay types, including the Dance Quests, Just Dance TV, World Dance Floor, and Sweat modes.

Confirmed Soundtrack

Ubisoft has confirmed the titles of at least 25 of the songs that will be featured in the game’s levels and overall soundtrack:

  • All About Us by Jordan Fisher (2016)
  • Bonbon by Era Istrefi (2016)
  • Cake by the Ocean by DNCE (2015)
  • Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd (2015)
  • Cheap Thrills by Sia ft. Sean Paul (2016)
  • Daddy by PSY ft. CL of 2NE1 (2015)
  • Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen (1979)
  • Dragostea din tei by O-Zone (2003)
  • El Tiki by Maluma (2015)
  • Groove by Jack & Jack (2014)
  • Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean (2006)
  • I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll by Fast Forward Highway (1982)
  • Into You by Ariana Grande (2016)
  • Lean On by Major Lazer and DJ Snake ft. MØ (2015)
  • PoPiPo by Hatsune Miku (2008)
  • Radical by Dyro and Dannic (2014)
  • Run the Night by Gigi Rowe (2016)
  • Scream & Shout by will.i.am ft Brittney Spears (2012)
  • September by Equinox Stars (1978)
  • Single Ladies by Beyonce (2008)
  • Sorry by Justin Bieber (2015)
  • Te Dominar by Daya Luz (2016)
  • Together We’re Strong by Mireille Mathieu and Patrick Duffy (1983)  (not to be taken as fact – we cannot verify this)
  • Watch Me Whip by Silento (2015)
  • What is Love by Ultraclub 90 (1992)
  • Worth It by Fifth Harmony ft Kid Ink (2015)

Updated Mobile App

Just Now 2017 will also be updating the game’s mobile app to serve as a player activity hub complete with a photo editor and direct access to Just Dance TV content, rather than just serving as a motion sensor. Fans can already download a controller app that is compatible with the current version of the game as well as the upcoming 2017 edition that’s currently available for pre-order.

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