The Top Zombie Games for Consoles

When it comes to the world of console gaming, the zombie subgenre has never been so popular. The hungry undead are quickly making their way into entertainment, with our screens filled with zombie movies and TV shows, zombies filling up books and comics, and now zombies taking up our video game consoles with a range of great zombie-themed games aimed at players of all ages. Today, anyone who’s serious about their gaming hobby will be familiar with the living dead, and probably knows exactly what to do in the event of a real-life zombie apocalypse. But, you don’t learn these essential skills overnight – you build them over a period of time spent playing some of the best zombie console games out there. We’ve listed eight of the best.

Plants Vs Zombies

1. Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants Vs Zombies - Garden Warfare 2

What started off as a fun and addictive mobile game for iOS and Android devices has moved into the world of console gaming, with a game and story that’s even more fun and entertaining. Garden Warfare 2 is available for all popular gaming consoles including Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and brings a whole new world to the much-loved game. With over seven awesome different game modes, crazy online 24-player battles, fourteen different character classes, and a larger world to explore outside of the gardens under attack, this zombie game is great fun for all ages. Buy Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 for Xbox One or PlayStation 4 from Amazon.

2. Dead Island

Dead Island

Dead Island is a series of console games which can make for hours of thrilling zombie encounters. If you’re hoping to visit paradise, you’re in luck as the Island of Banoi, where the game is set, has everything that you need. A tropical paradise which up until now has been wild, primitive and totally untouched by the outside world, players will be greeted by some very unexpected – and very undead – visitors during their vacation of a lifetime. Buy Dead Island for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One from Amazon.

3. Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is a six-series strong zombie video game, with a seventh series expected to be released in January 2017. Resident Evil 6, the latest release, starts with four distinct, although interwoven story threads which are available for either solo or co-op play both on and offline. Play as Ada Wong, Resident Evil’s very own femme fatale, whilst you dive into a thrilling storyline which features unique gameplay, missions and weapons. Pre-Order Resident Evil 7 for Xbox One and PS4 from Amazon.

4. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you may already have played Telltale’s Walking Dead console game series. Available for all popular console types, The Walking Dead comes in two parts; the complete first and second seasons. In gameplay, you will play as Lee Everett in the first season, a convicted criminal who is trying to make it having been given a second chance in a world which has been plagued by the undead. In the second season, you will be continuing the stories which began in season one, but as Clementine, a young survivor. With the dead rising to hunt the living and the living not to be trusted, can you make it? Buy Season One of The Walking Dead or Season Two of the Walking Dead from Amazon.  And keep your eyes out for Season Three which is set to be unveiled soon.

5. Dead Rising

Dead Rising

Dead Rising gives players the opportunity to see what it would be like as a photographer who is covering a zombie outbreak. In this game, your mission is to survive for seventy-two hours, travelling around a shopping mall which has been taken over by the living dead. In order to ensure your survival, you will need to complete a range of gory missions, kill thousands of zombies, and of course don’t forget to take plenty of snaps. One of the main attractions of the game is that you can utilise almost every object in gameplay as a weapon. Buy Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One from Amazon now, or pre-order Dead Rising 4, set to be released in December 2016.

6. Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Red Dead Redemption - Undead Nightmare

This Red Dead Redemption game follows the story of outlawed John Marston, who wakes up in his farmhouse home one morning to find a world which has been turned upside down. Overnight, deranged hordes of zombies have arrived, overrunning the towns. Your mission is to ensure that John and his family survive the outbreak by traversing a world which has been torn apart by disorder and chaos using all the skills that you have. Buy Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 from Amazon.

7. Dying Light

Dying Light

Set in the city of Harran, players need to quickly learn to survive in a world where a vicious outbreak has started spreading with no signs of slowing down any time soon. In gameplay, the world undergoes a deadly transformation overnight; the hunter becomes the hunted as the undead grow stronger, more aggressive and more infectious. Set in a vast open world, fight the sinister undead using a variety of light and heavy weapons to keep yourself safe. Buy Dying Light for the PS4 or Xbox One from Amazon.

8. 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die

Set in a world which is rapidly being taken over by the hungry undead, players have seven days to survive using any means that they can. With huge, rich and unique gameplay environments which offer players large amounts of freedom when it comes to how they play, 7 Days to Die allows players to create their own weapons, fortresses, supplies and more for protection against the zombie outbreak. The game also allows for two-player split screen mode, which is great for playing with a friend on the same console. Or, use online multiplayer mode to play alongside all your friends at once. Buy 7 Days to Die for the Xbox One or PS4 from Amazon.

Zombie console games are some of the most exciting and addictive games out there. Whether you’re looking for something truly terrifying or want something a little more family-friendly, there’s definitely something out there for everyone when it comes to escaping the living dead.

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