Samsung Forced to Recall Galaxy Note 7 After Battery Explosions

In an attempt to beat the new iPhone 7 to the market, Samsung may have made the biggest error in the company’s history. That error, according to the official statement released by Samsung – and later confirmed by the Korean government – is a faulty battery cell.


It hasn’t been a minor fault either with reports of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 overheating, exploding and even injuring people surfacing from different parts of the world. In the United States alone, there have been 92 confirmed reports so far, including one report that involves a car being burnt down as the result of the phone’s explosion.

The True Cause of the Explosions

The official press release as well as various investigations conducted by the Korean governing bodies revealed a faulty battery cell design and manufacture. The cells, deemed to be below standards for consumer use, are packaged in such a way that causes the positive and negative ends of the cells to connect.

This production error causes the battery to overheat much faster than normal. The points in contact also introduce friction. The combination proves to be fatal, causing the battery and the entire phone to explode once a certain temperature is reached.

Injuries and Property Damage

There has been no report of a death because of this production error, but Samsung is issuing a worldwide recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. If you’re among those who pre-ordered the phone or if you have purchased one from a retailer, Samsung will replace the phone free of charge. The company is even adding some bonuses in an attempt to speed up the recall process.

Experts are advising those who are injured to consult personal injury lawyers. There is a serious case in hand and many victims are coming together to sue Samsung for their injuries. Samsung also issued a temporary fix for those who haven’t exchanged their handset. The latest update will limit Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery charging process to just 60%. That said, exchanging the phone for a new, safer one is the only permanent solution to the issue.

More Possible Problems

It seems like the nightmare is not over yet for Samsung as another report of an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 surfaced in China. The said device is supposed to be the safer version of this new handset from Samsung, suggesting that there are still problems with the phone’s battery.

The report came from Hui Renjie, a tech worker in China, as cited by CNN News and the Telegraph. A Samsung Galaxy Note 7 he ordered the day before exploded while being charged overnight, causing damages to his MacBook in the process. The photo posted by Mr. Renjie also shows the device’s serial number, proving that it is indeed a newer version of the Galaxy Note 7.

There is only one such report we found at the moment. Judging from the seriousness of the problem and the similarities between the new reported photos and documents from previous incidents, however, Samsung may be looking at another big issue to deal with.

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