The Worst Pokémon Evolutions In Pokémon Sun

Last week I finally jumped on the Nintendo 3DS train and invested in a console plus Pokémon Sun.  Needless to say, I’ve not really done anything else since it arrived.  Pokémon Sun is as addictive as the previous games of the series (the lame Pokémon Go not included), and I’ve literally been spending my days and nights hunting the islands of Alola looking for new species and battling the Kahunas and Team Skull, while wondering what Lillie’s deal is.

So, you can probably imagine my disgust when after all this time (4 days to be exact) my super cute Litten turned badass Torracat evolved into the abomination that is Incineroar!  How could something so cute, yet still badass, turn into something so ghastly?  With that in mind, I thought I’d create a list of some of the other vile evolutions in the game.  Pretty much all of these are based on looks although I realise I clearly am being superficial.


Rhydon was undoubtedly one of the coolest first gen evolutions.  It’s pretty much the rock form of Nidoking and Nidoqueen, and literally sent shivers down spines way back when I first start playing these games.  And that could still be the case today.  But no.  Along comes Rhyperior.

If you ever wondered what you would get if Fred Flintstone decided to breed with a rock, Rhyperior would probably be it.  Some weird rock mound with a drill for a nose and clubs for arms, this is not what most Pokémon trainers want their badass Rhydons to turn into.  Luckily for you, so long as you don’t give your Rhydon a protector to hold, this evolution shouldn’t happen.


I love Eevee – to be fair, who doesn’t.  It’s probably the one Pokémon that is a bit of a completionist’s nightmare, but look at how cute it is – you can’t be mad at it for its genetics.  So, imagine again my shock when after trying to get Espeon (with help from my trusty friend Google), I end up evolving my one and only Eevee into Sylveon.

Now this thing looks like a pony that’s got so high on crack cocaine, it decided to hang out in a 5 year old girl’s bedroom, eat too much glitter and then evolve into a Pokémon with too many chromosomes and a ribbon around its neck.  Too far?  Well, that was my first impression.  It isn’t doing too bad in the Pokémon battles in my game, but gah look at it.  Who wouldn’t be too embarrassed to have this prancey sparklehorse in their party – other than maybe Bronies?!


Yep, briefly touched on this in the introduction, but Incineroar was the inspiration for this post so I thought it deserved its own paragraph.  When I first started playing Pokémon Sun, I picked Litten as my starter Pokémon.  Sure, according to Google it’s not a favourite, but I was smitten with Litten (see what I did there), as it just looked like a cute sad cat.  I gave it lots of beans and rubs, washed it after battle and combed its hair, and before long it had evolved into Torracat.  Awesome, I’m doing something right I thought!  My sad kitten has turned into a full blown bad ass cat.  Its Fire Fang could deplete enemies in one bite, and those who did resist felt the full force of Lick as Torracat paralysed them completely.

Fast forward to last night when Torracat decided to evolve into the abomination that is Incineroar and well… it’s sad times my friends.  I turned my game off last night to grieve the loss of the badass cuteness so don’t actually know just yet how well Incineroar will fare in battle, but I shall forever remember the fun I had before it became a monster.  If it’s a sign of bad parenting, I probably shouldn’t have kids.

And that is all I have for you right now.  Partly because I haven’t evolved many more Pokémon than what is included in this list, and also because I’d be surprised if anything tops these 3.  I won’t be letting myself get too attached to a baby Pokémon again – that’s for sure!

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