Telltale Release Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Telltale revealed a teaser trailer for their upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy game late last year.  And now, with the first episode of the game set to be released on April 18th, they have released the first official trailer which has certainly made at least 2 members of the Tech Scorpion team excited – myself included.

You can check out the trailer below:

The CEO of Telltale Games, Kevin Bruner, announced last year that “players will take on multiple roles” within the game, but it has not yet been announced who we can expect to play as (here’s hoping for Gamora and Rocket Racoon!  Star-lord is surely a given).

Like previous Telltale games, we can expect this edition to focus on character relationships and also offer up some interesting choices.  With any luck, though, this will be similar to the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us series and be more of a comedic game, something which Telltale do surprisingly well.

The first episode of the game will be available to download from the Xbox and PlayStation stores on the 18th April.  It has been titled “Tangled in Blue” and will cost $4.99 (or your local equivalent).

Those who would prefer to get a hard copy can pre-order their game for release on May 2nd in North America and May 5th everywhere else.  The links to the Amazon US and UK releases are below.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Will you be picking up the Guardians of the Galaxy game?  Let us know in the comments!

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