Tech Scorpion Top 5 – 5 Post-Op Gadgets For Recovering Fast

Getting all serious and personal for this post, I’m soon to be going into hospital as an inpatient, having an operation under general anesthetic for the first time, and it’s becoming very real. After going through many emotions about the whole process, I decided to best give my time and energy into finding out the best ways to speed up my recovery. It turns out there isn’t much out there compiled to browse, so Tech Scorpion would be delighted to make one for us.

Its quite difficult to generalise when everyone coming to this will no doubt be having operations for very different reasons. For best practice and research I’ve gone through patient support forums, search engines, and health advice from experts to create a good overview of what to help with during your post operation recovery. As for all things related to your health do check with your healthcare provider if you are worried about anything! I know I will be.

1. Apps

Perhaps surprisingly, there are not that many apps out there that link a smooth transition between your hospital stay and recovering at home. There are however, a few currently being beta tested and trialed in select hospitals and clinics. MyRecovery is being created by entrepreneurial surgeons, doctors and other trustworthy sounding titles that saw a gap in the market for the need to help patients post surgery. The app, which is currently programmed for knee surgeries, could be altered to work for many procedures in the future. It hopes to advise on all stages for a patient – pre-op, hospitalisation, and post-op advice and exercises to help speed recovery. SeamlessMD is another promising looking app, which is available on google and apple stores;

“Improve pre-op preparation – Boost adherence with reminders, checklists and timelines. Accelerate in-hospital recovery Engage patients with your Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols. Prevent post-discharge failures. Empower self-management, monitor patient progress and catch complications earlier.”

2. Pillows

How many pillows do you usually sleep with? It seems like for most procedures, you need to double it post-op. You’re going to be doing a lot of resting, and having pillows down either side of your body helps to support your frame as it recovers. As this is Tech Scorpion, we can’t recommend just any old pillows (although comfy pillows we probably do recommend)! These days you can get pillows made out of some pretty modern tech, using gel, cooling fibres, or ‘intelligent’ foam (i’m guessing it passed an exam in astrophysics). There’s pillows out there that can heat up or cool down. Why not add to your pillow collection with a ‘remote control’ cushion, so you can snuggle and volume control at the same time… or maybe grab a pillow with some speakers?

3. Smoothie Makers

If you’re lucky enough to have someone that’s basically going to be your servant for a few weeks, then kudos, you can skip this tip. But if you’re looking after yourself, you’re in for a tough few weeks and you need all the help you can get. You’ll want to balance quick, easy comfort meals to cook (unfortunately they aren’t always the best nutritionally…) with some quick easy methods of getting as much recovery rich goodness down your gullet. Fortunately clever people have invented the smoothie maker, and you can bung all your food into a tasty blender to smoosh your foods into a digestible delicious pulp. you don’t want to be cleaning 50 separate contraptions that go with it, so something like the salter is pretty nifty – it blends inside the cup you are going to drink from!

4. TV Power

So you’ve got your pillow, you have your smoothie, now what? If you don’t already have a monthly subscription to entertainment packages like Netflix or Prime, then maybe get yourself one of these for a few weeks. Some packages can be free for a month, or refundable, or maybe reduced for new subscribers. You’ll open up a new way to focus your attention away from pain and discomfort, and can occupy your time; Which, lets face it, can get pretty lonely and emotional. Maybe treat yourself to an entertainment/gaming system prior to the operation so you have something to look forward to during your recovery. Xboxes and PlayStations are competitively priced these days and with the latest models coming out they continue to drop. If you’re a recovering gamer with all the latest tech, but perhaps your operation has hindered your play – don’t let it. There is an awesome charity out there called SpecialEffect that you can get in touch with. They specialise in bringing new tech to people that cannot play games with traditional hand controllers.

5. Hygiene 

I’ve heard this is a biggy for recovering quickly after operations… who knew? Washing, peeing, pooping; All those everyday occurrences we take for granted are 100 times harder after an operation. As with many things post-op, it seems as though you will need to balance your hygiene routine, due to not wanting to get too much soaking going on with stitches… and getting in and out of baths/showers might be physically tricky too. Wet wipes can be great for feeling fresher in between showers, and small antibacterial gels can be readily bought from pharmacies and supermarkets. These aren’t particularly technical though. So, sticking on point, how about getting yourself a snazzy shower speaker to brighten up these uncomfortable cleaning sagas?

Wish me luck, and get in touch if you have anything to add that might help others from your experience!

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