Is Fable IV in Development?

We’re huge fans of the Fable franchise here at Tech Scorpion, and were really disappointed when Microsoft announced the closure of Lionhead Studios.  However, recent rumours have surfaced that Fable 4 may be in development.  Let’s take a look at what we’ve seen so far.

The rumour we’ve heard (okay mostly found talked about on Twitter) is that indie British developer Playground Games has been hired to take over the franchise.  Although this hasn’t yet been confirmed, the leak has come from Resetera user Klobrille who has previously leaked a number of accurate stories regarding Microsoft.

Former Lionhead developer Don Williamson also said (in a now deleted tweet) “Mmm ok, having no inside information, I totally know who’s building Fable 4 now. Interesting choice…”  He went on to say that the studio wasn’t based in Brighton.

Backing up the Playground Games theory is a job advertisement they placed last year looking for people to work on a “Untitled open-world action RPG” that is exciting and large scale.”

Another previous Lionhead designer, Charlie Edwards, also said today on Twitter “My personal worry about the new Fable is that they try too hard to be Fabley or aren’t Fabley enough and make it sterile. But it should at least look great. Cautiously hopeful.”  When questioned further about whether the news was real he responded “Oh just basing it off rumours, news, what other ex-LH say and so on…not my place to say…but I would like it to happen and think they would be daft not to reboot it.”

While none of this has been publicly confirmed by Microsoft, Phil Spencer did say on Twitter in 2017 that he had “Nothing to announce right now, but I do think the IP has a lot of places it could go.”

What do you think?  Are you on the Fable hype train like us at Tech Scorpion?  Let us know in the comments!


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