What We Want to See in Tropico 6

Tropico 6 is expected to release later this year.  As a fan of the franchise since the early days, I’m more than a bit excited about the new game.  That said, Tropico 5 didn’t exactly live up to my expectations and the expansion packs were definitely glitchy on the Xbox 360 – almost to the point where you couldn’t play them.  With this in mind, I’ve come up with a list of what I want to see in Tropico 6.

No Glitches

Tropico 6 is being made for the new consoles, and it would be awesome if Kalypso could manage to make a game that was glitch free.  I can handle the odd thing that will be patched after release, but if I need to save the game every ten minutes to ensure I won’t lose everything when it inevitably crashes, I won’t be happy.  In fact, I’d go as far to say that I probably wouldn’t buy another Tropico game until the developers sort out the issues properly.

More Awesome Music

The music in the Tropico games is awesome.  Listening to the tunes, you really start to imagine yourself on a tropical island.  I really hope this music continues in Tropico 6 as it wouldn’t be the same franchise without it.

Character Variety

In Tropico 4, we had some great dictators to choose from – Eva Peron, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, Pinochet – the list goes on.  Each of these dictators had their own traits that aided or abetted you in the game.  Tropico 5 got rid of this, letting you choose to make a random dictator and choose their trait.  I much preferred having a choice of famous dictators – might not be as creative, but it was definitely fun to play as someone you’ve heard lots about!

Harder Difficulty

Tropico 3 and Tropico 4 both had some tough campaigns to deal with, while Tropico 5 was incredibly easy in comparison.  The difficulty level was automatically set to low, and even when playing at the higher difficulties, none of the campaigns really felt challenging.  It would be great to have a harder difficulty level in Tropico 6, with maybe an achievement tied to this.  It would give fans of the series something to aim for, while still letting casual gamers have fun on the easy levels.

Maybe Some Death

Finally, I think it would be awesome if we could kill off entire factions that we don’t like.  Environmentalists annoying you because you have a huge industrial powerhouse of an island?  Kill them.  Communists continually whining that they need more housing and better living conditions?  Kill them.  I’d love to be able to get rid of a whole faction in one go rather than trying to appease everyone at the same time.

Tropico 6 doesn’t have an exact release date set yet, all we know is that it will be coming in 2018.  Are you looking forward to the new game?  Is there anything you’d like to see added or changed?  Let me know in the comments.

Image by Tropico Wiki

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