Was Chandler Riggs Fired by The Walking Dead? [Spoilers]

This article includes spoilers from the last episode of The Walking Dead.

At the end of the mid season finale, Walking Dead viewers found out that Carl Grimes had been bitten.  Most, especially those who’d read the comics, were shocked.  After all, good old Coral is still alive in the comics.  Many people’s first thoughts were that the actor who plays Carl, Chandler Riggs, had probably asked to be written out of the show.  He’s 18 now and has been playing Carl since he was 11.  However, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

In a now deleted Facebook post, Chandler’s father had the following to say:

“Watching Gimple fire my son 2 weeks before his 18th birthday after telling him they wanted him for the next 3 years was disappointing.  I never trusted Gimple or AMC but Chandler did.  I know how much it hurt him.  But we do absolutely know how lucky we have been to be a part of it all and appreciate all the love from fans all these years!”.

Chandler himself said:

“Leaving the Walking Dead wasn’t my decision.  It was all story related.  It made sense for it to happen to Rick and Michonne and all the other characters.  It was devastating to me and my family because the show was such a huge part of my life for so long.  For a few days we didn’t know what to do; I just bought a house in Senoia.  That was a big deal that I wouldn’t be on any more.”

From a fan’s point of view, I’m not sure I agree with Chandler.  The show has been on a downward spiral for years, and it’s become one of those shows where you can browse your phone while watching as relatively little happens.  Introducing Negan gave many of us hope of an improved story, but despite having a fantastic bad guy, the show is still boring with a plot that just doesn’t seem to be going anyway.

It seems to me like the showrunners needed another main cast member to kill off and so they chose Carl and had him give a moralistic speech to Rick to get him to change his mind.  And, surprisingly it was Negan who seemed more upset by his death – until he went all crazy with his speech to Rick.  I think it was a poor decision and can totally see why Chandler’s family is pissed.

I’m still sticking with the show at the moment, despite nearly giving up earlier this season.  But in celebration of Carl over the years, check out the below YouTube video and remember when the Walking Dead was actually good.

Photo by Gage Skidmore

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